Blancher/Cooker for vegetables, fruits and seafood
Blancher/Cooker is used to evenly increase temperature to preset temperature.

• Rainfall technology results in 5-10 times water volume, penetrating the product for uniform treatment. Water Consumption reduces 80- 90% % thanks to recirculation and filtering of water.
• Three temperature zones, each with 0.1 °C accuracy, reduce the risk for overcooking/blanching and thus enhance the texture and appearance of the food products.
• Temperature is always over critical 72 °C for killing all bacterias and germs.

Blancher/Cooker 1

For Seafood and Sensible Vegetables, the Blancher/Cooker is split into zones giving the possibility to use hotter water in the beginning and lower the temperature lengthwise to avoiding overcooking/over blanching.

Vegetables Blanching/Cooking

Purpose of Blanching is to disactivate enzymes and thus hinder browning of frozen products and increase shelf-life time. A controlled blanching also improve texture and color of the product. This equipment can also be used for cooking by increasing time.

Blanching for a short time will disactivate surface bacteria before cutting and/or slicing.

Seafood – Cooking
Controlled temperature along the cooker is essential for yield.

Seafood Rawe Shrimps – Flash Blanching
Blanching for a a short time will disactivate surface bacteria and improve color on raw shrimps.

IQF Fruits for a Sustainable Future

IQF Fruits for a Sustainable Future

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© 2019 OctoFrost. All rights reserved

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