Weighing Belt

Weighing Belt for Seafood Cooking and Sensitive Vegetables

To guarantee an even cooking/blanching and to avoid overcooking/overblanching and even feed – kg per minute is essential.

Weighing Belt 1

Elevating Belt – Dry Hopper

Elevating de-watering belt. De-watering by means of a food-safe PE plastic belt. A closed “drip-pan” is attached below the return belt to prevent water or product from falling on the work floor. The conveyor is fitted with a frequency controlled electromotor to control the speed of the belt / product flow.

Weighing Belt

Weighing belt for controlling the product flow through the line. This belt regulates the speed of the bulk feeding tank and/or elevating belt. Belt is mounted on two load-cell’s. Belt is a smooth belt, executed in blue with sealed sides. Driven by an electromotor. Executed with side guards and scrapers. Belt is positioned on a separate support, to avoid any influence from outside.

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© 2019 OctoFrost. All rights reserved

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