Vegetable Washer

After coarse washing, stone and stone removal outside the building products are brought in for a fine washing removing last parts of soil and insects.

Washer 1

Flotation Washer with Rotating Drums

An automatic washer with 3 or 4 rotating insect removal drums, water jet nozzles and water recirculation system with a curved screen filter. It soaks the products to loosen any hard and dry material, so that it can be removed by submersion. Heavier foreign materials will sink to the bottom of the washer and will be removed by a flush valve. The water is continuously filtered by a curved screen filter and recirculated back into the washer. This system uses regular water with ambient temperature.

If hot water from process is available it can also be possible to preheat the product before blanching saving energy in the blancher.

IQF Fruits for a Sustainable Future

IQF Fruits for a Sustainable Future

Under the influence of COVID-19, the demand for frozen food spikes and has no intention to move downward. The convenience, affordable price, and...

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© 2020 OctoFrost. All rights reserved

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