Octofrost IQF Freezer

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) is required to safeguard the natural taste, appearance smell and texture of the product.

OctoFrost patented asymmetric transportation inside the freezer to solve classic issues inside an iqf freezer. The unique bedplates utilize true fluidization 30% better than traditional technology. Open design and ease of cleaning make OctoFrost the sole IQF freezer in the market where it is possible to keep listeria out. Unique utilization of modern fan speed control reduces overall 30% power consumption.

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OctoFrost is a unique iqf freezer with bed plates instead of belt. The aerodynamics result in unsurpassed low dehydration. The true fluidization has proven superior performance to freeze all naked products without block formation maintaining a high yield.

The Advantages of IQF Frozen Avocados

The Advantages of IQF Frozen Avocados

Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) avocados began to gain its popularity as the consumption of fresh avocados rises. However, fresh but over-ripe or...

© 2019 OctoFrost. All rights reserved

© 2019 OctoFrost. All rights reserved

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