Our Values


We at OctoFrost are committed to improving the quality of frozen food products. Whether it is IQF fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat, pasta, grains or even dairy, we want to help frozen food processors put to market premium quality IQF products that are delicious, have a natural appearance, and are safe to consume. 


Our mission is to offer our customers top freezing technologies and innovative IQF processing equipment.  We offer individual food processing machinery or complete IQF processing lines as to the needs of each individual customer worldwide. OctoFrost™ food processing equipment is more than just a safe buy, through interaction with traders around the world, we are helping our customers get new orders for their top quality OctoFrost™ IQF frozen products. Our skilled and passionate staff strives to be at the forefront of the food processing equipment industry, making sure our clients’ needs are always met.

OUR Values

OctoFrost Group was founded based on unmet customer needs within the food processing machinery industry. So, we developed innovative and unique technology that distinguishes us from existing solutions. The modernization continues through our continuous improvements on real customer issues and needs. We offer solutions all over the global market and compete with organizations from all around the world. This drives us to continue with constant improvements.

As OctoFrost Group is a supplier of full IQF processing lines, we can provide optimized IQF processing equipment or individual machinery for the best final results, including the highest yield and lowest energy consumption. This brings the highest value to our customers worldwide.


The three main values that have been the guiding light in how we at OctoFrost work and strive to succeed include:

Customer Need

Our customers’ real needs shall guide us in how we act and in our development. The aim is to give our customers more than what they expect (soft values). We have direct contact with all our customers for direct feedback on the performance of our IQF technology.


We shall continue to revolutionize the IQF industry through a better understanding of aerodynamics and freezing results and use this as an advantage of all OctoFrost™ IQF Processing Equipment. 

- New business concepts shall be developed, tested, and evaluated.

- Our IQF equipment shall perform better through continuous improvements.

- Through our focus and knowledge, we strive to be the most respected player in the IQF industry.


Our internal processes shall be effective and measurable as well as free of unnecessary non-value adding activities. We are cost conscious in how we act. Our starting point in the design of all OctoFrost™ IQF processing equipment is with standard solutions coupled with innovative and efficient functional design. We continually learn from industry best practices and adjust to the changing environment that processors are facing.

OctoFrost Group is a globally recognized supplier of IQF food processing equipment such as IQF tunnel freezers, IF Chillers, IF Cookers, IF Blanchers, and full IQF Processing Lines. We keep this position by continuously listening to the true needs of our customers and implementing them into our latest technologies.


Learn about OctoFrost freezer with this 3D model: