OctoFrost™ IQf freezer for demanding applications

OCTOFROST™, congeladores IQF convenientes para una amplia gama de productos y aplicaciones

El diseño innovador y flexible hace que sea fácil de manejar incluso con productos difíciles, el manteniendo la productividad y maximizando el rendimiento. Los productos congelados salen con una apariencia natural, conservando su forma y color.

"Excels at difficult, wet and sticky products" >>

OctoFrost™ is delivered with many factory-set recipes, tailored to meet the requirements from varying applications. This allows you to immediately start freezing your applications to the correct specifications, and also rapidly change to another application.


The frozen products has a natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural appearance.

Premium product appearance, and low operating costs, contribute to High yield.

Hygienic mono-block design and an effective Clean In Place system put Food safety in focus.




Productos del Mar

Producto Cárnicos

Queso & granos

Pasta & arroz