OctoFrost™ IQF Solutions for Processing Vegetables

Vegetables pre-processing can vary widely from washing, peeling, dicing, blanching, chilling, IQF freezing – which always depends on the processed vegetable.

The main challenge when processing vegetables is to neutralize enzyme activity which in consequence prevents decoloring and structure damage during thermal treatment. Some sensitive vegetables need extra care, such as broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus and this means that the processing equipment used must be highly efficient, so it doesn’t damage the products. Moreover, leafy products such as herbs or spinach can only be processed with technology which can be adapted to the characteristics of such products. 

Another important aspect is the optimization between all the food processing machineries. The food processing equipment should be harmonized in sizes and capacities to achieve high-quality IQF vegetables without compromising the energy efficiency and high yield. 

OctoFrost company has gained numerous years of experience in thermal treatment of vegetables and used it to engineer a range of innovative and efficient food processing equipment. 

Blanching Vegetables 

The OctoFrost™ IF Blancher is an optimal processing machinery for vegetable processing as the blanching tunnel can be adapted to different types of vegetables. The blanching tunnel can feature its unique rain-shower system, a steam system or a combination of the two. With the OctoFrost™ IF Blancher, vegetables retain their natural color, shape and texture. 

As studies show, longer blanching time diminishes the amount of vitamin C in vegetables, the OctoFrost™ IF blanching machine however, achieves a very efficient and short blanching process which results in a more nutritious vegetable. 

Chilling Vegetables

By chilling before IQF freezing, better freezing result is achieved and higher capacities can be attained. The OctoFrost™IF Chiller comes with a number of benefits for vegetables processors. With its rain-shower water system, the OctoFrost™ chilling tunnel does not dehydrate the vegetables and achieves the fastest heat transfer with the 1°C ice-cold water. The water is flooding the product and immediately exists the chilling tunnel for being re-chilled. This way, the same temperature of the water is held in all sections of the OctoFrost™ chilling tunnel.

IQF Freezing Vegetables

The OctoFrost™ IQF freezing tunnel is an already well-known processing equipment used mong vegetables processors for freezing high-quality IQF products. The unique aerodynamics of this IQF tunnel, together with its exchangeable bedplates and its mono-block design – achieve the best freezing result without compromising food safety and energy efficiency. A number of technological innovations which are found in this IQF tunnel avoid product dehydration which in turn helps achieve the highest possible yield. The adjustable airflow in the OctoFrost IQF freezer can carefully handle even the most sensitive fruits and berries. 

OctoFrost IQF Processing Line

These food processing machines can together be combined to form the OctoFrost™ IQF Processing Line and this comes with a number of very important benefits for the vegetable processor:

- Optimized connection between all equipment

- Harmonized sizes of individual processing equipment

- One source responsibility for technical service and support

- A range of the most innovative technologies on the food processing market 

With the OctoFrost™ IQF Processing Line the fruit processor achieves a premium IQF product, energy efficiency, high yield and reliable food safety. Additional intermediate equipment can also be offered depending on the needs of each of our customers.