OctoFrost™ IQF Solutions for Processing Meat and Poultry

Processing equipment industry for meat and poultry products is strongly influenced by international food safety regulations. Reliable food safety is one of the most important priorities for meat processors, followed by product quality and high yield. This means that easy and efficient to clean equipment is the type of equipment, meat processors should consider first. 

OctoFrost™ IQF freezer is well-known among meat and poultry processors for its exchangeable bedplates, mono-block and open design – all facilitating a quick and truly efficient cleaning of the freezer.

The diversity of products OctoFrost™ IQF freezer has successfully dealt with has widened throughout the years as meat processors are trying to serve the increasingly-demanding consumer, always looking for novelty products. Everything from marinated meat, minced meat, kebab meat, bacon, pepperoni or ham strips – all are today successfully QIF frozen with OctoFrost™IQF tunnel freezer.

Before the IQF freezing, meat or poultry products are usually diced, sliced, marinated or cooked which means that the pieces can become very sticky and hard to handle. However OctoFrost™ can achieve remarkable results and a good separation even with the most difficult products. 

When choosing the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel, meat and poultry processors are also getting a number of key benefits:

Food Safety 

The OctoFrost™ freezer tunnel features a free-standing design, lacks joints, and gives easy access for changing and cleaning its exchangeable bed plates. All these features contribute to a truly reliable food safety for the meat processors. 

The OctoFrost™ removable bedplates with the puzzle system connection represent one of the most innovative and important features of the OctoFrost™ freezing tunnel for meat processors. This particular innovation benefits food safety significantly. The exchangeable bedplates can be cleaned outside the freezer making it possible to switch to different meat and poultry products and avoid the contamination between different batches. 

In addition, the tunnel freezer is built in one hermetic mono-block, which is placed on feet. This makes it easy to clean under and inside the freezer. The overall open design makes the clean quick and efficient.   

A premium product 

The optimal airflow inside the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel preserves the fragile corners of sensitive meat products. This results into a frozen IQF meat product with a natural and appetizing appearance. The resulted premium meat product has bigger volume, which is an important aspect when filling boxes for customers. 

The asymmetric movement of the OctoFrost™ bedplates, together with the OctoFrost™ vibrator and pulsator achieve a good separation of the meat or poultry pieces regardless if it’s raw, minced, diced or marinated. Even the stickiest products are efficiently separated into high-quality IQF end products.

Energy Efficiency and High Yield

The speed of the OctoFrost™ fans can be adjusted with the frequency converters which allows fully customized airflow for each product type in each of the freezing zones. The energy savings can reach as high as 30%. The adjusted airflow in each freezing zone together with the unique freezer shape, keep the dehydration low, even when compared to cryogenic technology.