OctoFrost™ IQF Solutions for Processing Seafood

Seafood pre-processing can widely vary depending on the seafood type but especially when it comes to shrimp, the central processes are cooking, chilling and IQF freezing. 

Seafood processors should keep in mind that high-quality seafood products can be achieved only with the right pre-treatment. The optimal technology should be chosen for the products and all processing machinery must be optimized in the shrimp processing plant for the best output. Optimization includes both size harmonization but also a correct connection between each individual equipment. These are important pre-conditions for achieving high yield, energy efficiency, and a premium IQF product. 

In addition, as international food safety regulations are getting tougher, seafood processors should keep in mind that an easy-to-clean range of processing equipment is a must nowadays. 

OctoFrost company has vast experience with seafood thermal treatment and therefore is ready to supply the optimal equipment for cooking, chilling and IQF freezing seafood products. OctoFrost™ has customers who are IQF freezing shrimp, calamari, mussels, langoustines and even small fish such as herring and sprats. 

Cooking Seafood

The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker with its first unit installed in Thailand in 2013, is the most technologically advanced shrimp cooker on the today's market of shrimp processing. Its 3-temperature zones, a patented feature, makes it possible to completely avoid overcooking. Through its unique rain shower system, quickest heat is achieved, and the processor has an accurate temperature control over the cooking process. The rain shower has also a washing function for the product. All these technological advances mean that the seafood processor will get a perfectly cooked product and minimum weight loss. 

The OctoFrost™ cooking tunnel used in seafood processing has 3 infeed possibilities to match each customers’ needs: bulk, belt, and tray infeed. Additionally, a “finger-lay” infeed belt can be attached as an alternative to tray feeding for curl control.

Chilling seafood

Chilling seafood must be done in the most efficient and quick way so that the cooking process would be stopped immediately. By failing at achieving quick chilling, the seafood processors risks to overcook the product and therefore lose yield and quality. 

The OctoFrost™IF Chiller, with its rain shower water system, manages to quickly drop the product temperature and therefore stops the cooking process immediately. The product is abundantly showering the layer of seafood with ice-cold water, efficiently reaching and surrounding each piece of product. The water exists then the chilling tunnel for being re-chilled and is recirculated again. As the OctoFrost™ chilling machine features a cross-flow water system, the same exact temperature is guaranteed in each section of the chiller tunnel. When the product exits the OctoFrost™ chiller, it has a core temperature of a few degrees C which means that the IQF freezing will be done much more efficiently. 

IQF Freezing

The OctoFrost™ IQF freezing tunnel is an already known freezing tunnel used for freezing premium IQF seafood all around the world. This IQF tunnel freezer is unique due to a number of technological innovations. Its unique aerodynamics, exchangeable bedplates, adjustable fans, and its open and mono-block design. 

These features help the OctoFrost™ IQF machine achieve the highest possible yield, energy efficiency, reliable food safety, and a premium IQF seafood product. The adjustable airflow which can be achieved in the OctoFrost IQF freezer can carefully handle even the most sensitive seafood products, avoiding sticking and lump formation. With the stickiest raw material, OctoFrost™ IQF freezer achieves high quality and perfectly separated seafood products.  

OctoFrost IQF Processing Line

As some customers have shown their need for a sole supplier for all their processing equipment, OctoFrost™ started offering IQF Processing Lines. By opting for a sole supplier of the whole IQF line, the seafood processors get a number of important benefits: 

- The optimized connection between each individual equipment

- Harmonized sizes of all individual processing equipment

- One sole supplier responsible for technical service and support

- A range of the most innovative food processing machinery on the market 

With the OctoFrost™ IQF Processing Line seafood processors are able to offer premium IQF seafood products while benefiting of energy efficiency, high yield, and reliable food safety. Additional intermediate equipment such as shrimp peeling machine can also be offered depending on the needs of each of our customers.