Energy efficiency

The OctoFrost™ IQF technology insures lower energy consumption and waste for IQF production. The main reason is the compact octagon body with efficient aerodynamics throughout the freezer and especially the fluidizing freezing zone. Compact body and less turbulence requires less fan power consumption.

Bedplates instead of Conveyor System

The worldwide patented use of OctoFrost™ bedplates instead of conveyor belt inside the freezer, not only facilitates cleaning and food safety but also allows better adjustment of fluidization which keeps the natural shape of the products and allows less fan speed. 

Frequency Inverter Controlled Motors

Fans and bed drive motors inside the OctoFrost™'s individual quick freezing tunnel, are controlled with inverters. This allows lowest energy consumption. Modern motors specialized for running in cold environment are supplied from leading manufacturers.

Time Between Defrost

PLC operated SRS system keeps the front of the coil clean during production and substantially prolongs the number of production hours between defrost/cleaning. This minimizes downtime and water consumption for defrosting.

Minimizing Dehydration

The unique design of the individual quick freezing tunnel from OctoFrost™ prevents snow formation. All snow that builds up during production inside a freezer is considered a direct waste of energy.

Efficient PLC Operation for Defrost and Cleaning

PLC operated coil cleaning system controls the consumption of water needed to de-frost the coil and eliminates the risk of wasting water.


Importance of Energy Efficiency

With frequency convertors on every energy efficient axial vane fan, the total energy savings are substantial. On top this setup requires less refrigeration to cool down the fans. A total energy saving is up to 20 to 30%.

"We are extremely pleased to have invested in this technology."

Mr. Fernando Prado Responsible Devision Berries, Citromax SACI