Food Safety

OctoFrost™ IQF freezer is designed as an easy accessible hermetic unit with rounded corners and sloping surfaces. The bedplates are removable for easy cleaning, minimizing the risk of cross contamination between products. In combination with an effective Clean In Place (CIP) system, OctoFrost™ IQF helps you maintain high food safety standards.


When we designed our individual quick freezing technology we had in mind two main features: Food safety and cleanability. OctoFrost™ can be cleaned with impeccable results, even with limited available time. Our design meets – and surpasses – all international standards for Food Process Equipment. Easily removed and cleaned outside the freezer, the bedplates decrease downtime without compromising food safety.

Easy access

Never before has a freezer been easier and faster to clean. In the IQF freezer developed by OctoFrost, every surface on each detail is easily accessible thanks to the completely open design. The bedplates are cleaned outside the freezer and all other parts can be effortlessly accessed for thorough cleaning and bacteria control inspections.

Monoblock design

Made of non-hygroscopic material, the OctoFrost™ IQF freezer features a unique octagonal monoblock design. Designed as one ready to install unit, the freezer has rounded corners and even surfaces which slope towards the drain area.

Importance of Food Safety

A Food Safe freezer proves its performance when it can be washed and disinfected in short time during peak season. Totally clean, free from bacterias, microbes or listeria that could circulate around when the fans are running full.

"Two years with top results on our labarotary sanitation tests".

Anders Svensson, Production Manager, Scan Foods, Sweden