Natural appearance

The unique fluidization method of the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel enhances the products’ natural color and shape. Floating freely on the freezer’s powerful circulating or gently bubbling air currents, the products recapture the true beauty of nature.

High volume

Products which are floating freely on a circulated fluidized bed, release inner tensions and retake their natural volume and shape. Bigger volume of OctoFrost™ frozen products fills bags and boxes better. It is a win-win situation as the customers and consumers will enjoy the intact products with their natural volume maintained, due to the unique OctoFrost IQF freezing technology.


The combination of optimal air distribution and minimal dehydration in the OctoFrost™ preserves the natural color of the frozen products. The surface of the product is protected by a transparent frozen coat which preserves the products’ appearance as well as prolongs their shelf life. These are just a few of the main advantages achieved by our innovative IQF freezing tunnel.

Importance of Natural Appearance

Beautiful appearence sells. A product frozen in circulated fluidized airstream preserves its natural form. There are no damages to the product such as freezer feet or belt marks. The thin reglazing of the product protects the color of the frozen product. All because OctoFrost IQF tunnel is designed to ensure reliable food safety and natural appearance.

"The separation of the product and appearence is excellent."

Ulf Olsson, Technical Manager at Guldfågeln, Sweden