IQF Freezing Vegetables

When frozen inside an OctoFrostTM IQF tunnel freezer, IQF vegetables keep their texture, color, and appearance intact, while some even enhance these characteristics. This is possible thanks to the optimal bedplate configuration and the easily controlled freezing process in the freezer. Both fragile and delicate IQF vegetables (such as spinach or broccoli), and solid ones (such as carrots or Brussels sprouts) benefit from the unique aerodynamics of the freezer.

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Peas 

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Green beans 

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Kidney Beans

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Sliced Zucchini

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Diced Zucchini

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Broccoli

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Cauliflower

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Diced and Sliced Onion 

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Diced Tomatoes

OctoFrost Frozen - IQF Diced Potatoes

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Crinkled Carrots

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Turnip

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Brussel Sprouts

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Root Celery

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Champignons

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Marinated Mushroom

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Parsley

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Edamame in China

OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Edamame