A world leading IQF technology

Continuously improving IQF technology

OctoFrost™ represents the latest innovations within IQF freezing and utilizes a number of technical features that provide an optimal freezing solution to our customers. The freezer, and all technology behind it, is developed in Sweden by OctoFrost Group. We have a dedicated development team that continuously works to improve our IQF technology. With a large installation base we also draw experiences from our customer’s processes, to further improve the technology.

Optimal air configuration

High performance fans and perforated bedplates distinguish OctoFrost™ IQF technology from traditional solutions. The unique airflow created, in combination with the movement of the bedplates, maintains perfect separation of the product and protects even the most fragile products with its delicate handling. Lump formation and fines are effectively prevented. Aerodynamics is controlled and adjusted in separate freezing zones, allowing for optimal airflow and pressure rations throughout the process. As a result, dehydration is kept to minimum, resulting in frozen products with a natural appearence. Also, snow formation is almost non-existent allowing many hours of valuable uptime between defrost.

Unmatched flexibility

OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel has been designed for flexibility and easy operation, with its ergonomic operating panel and the removable bedplates. Changing bedplates is easy and takes only a couple of minutes, letting you maintain the production capacity. The bedplate concept also minimizes the risk of cross contamination between different product types or batches.


The OctoFrost™ individual quick freezer takes food safety to a new level, with its easy-to-clean design. Created in one hermetic unit with rounded corners, sloping surfaces and a lateral wall that can be opened - cleaning is fast and accurate. After removing the bedplates the effective Clean In Place system utilizes water jets and foam generator to clean every part of the freezer. OctoFrost™ meets and surpasses all international standards for Food Process Equipment.


High performance fans control the airflow, independently in each freezing zone. The fans are adjustable at all times and facilitate higher heat transfer and freezing capacity. They are designed for optimal pressure and airflow in relation to energy efficiency, making OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer a sustainable solution with low environmental impact.