A natural and appealing appearance for IQF Asparagus


The appearance of frozen asparagus matters

The consumption of frozen asparagus is increasing at an incremental pace as customers’ eating habits have changed dramatically and globally over the last decades. Their increased realization of the convenience and availability of frozen food contributes to the rising consumption of frozen vegetables. Not only that, long-distance transport of fresh asparagus often risks losing its nutritional value, flavor, and taste. Therefore, a new and optimal alternative is to IQF freeze asparagus, which locks in nutrient and flavor while retaining much of its natural appearance.

Not all equipment can process premium IQF asparagus

In general, there are still some challenges with IQF freezing of asparagus. The most common and important one is that asparagus tips are very brittle and are easily damaged during the processing progress. The reason for this is that the blancher, chiller, and freezer are usually not manufactured at a horizontal level. Products will be dropped from one belt to another, because of the height difference between every two machines. Asparagus with damaged tips means lower selling price and decreased profitability for processors.

The only horizontal processing line for IQF asparagus with no manual handling required

Processing with the right equipment secures the best final product and higher profitability. The OctoFrost™ complete line for asparagus might be the only equipment to achieve just that. The OctoFrost™ whole asparagus processing line consists of the IF blancher, IF chiller, and IQF tunnel freezer. It is one horizontal line, which means asparagus lays static during the whole processing time and comes out of the freezer sorted exactly the way it was laid on the blancher belt. In this way, the risk of having asparagus tips damaged is no longer processors’ worry. Traders from all around the world confirm that they are eager to pay 5% to 30% more for premium quality IQF products.

The trend of frozen asparagus is steadily growing as customers are becoming more attracted to healthy frozen foods, but the demand for quality will be rising higher. The OctoFrost IQF asparagus processing line guarantees the premium quality of the final IQF product which in return will bring new business opportunities and immense growth to your food processing company.