Why The OctoFrost IF Cooker Will Be The Success of Your Shrimp Business


The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is the latest technological innovation in the shrimp processing industry. It uses the OctoFrost™ patented 3-temperature zones which guarantees shrimp’s core temperature to reach the food safety temperature of 73°C while surface stays below 80°C. This means that overcooking is avoided and highest yield possible is achieved. Furthermore, the unique rain shower system guarantees the quickest heat transfer, allowing for accurate temperature control within 0.2°C of the set temperature.

OctoFrost™ Impingement Technology
Every product is surrounded by a static layer of air that insulates it and slows down heat transfer. The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker uses a rain shower system to break this static layer through impingement technology. This results in the fastest heat transfer through conductivity – the essence of OctoFrost™ Impingement technology.

OctoFrost™ Crossflow System
Due to the OctoFrost™ cross-flow water system, the water flowing through the IF Cooker has the exact set temperature in each zone. The food processor has absolute control over the time and temperature during the cooking process.

The 3-temperature Zones
The 3-temperature zones system allows the user to start with a higher temperature in zone 1 while reducing it in zones 2 and 3. This creates a “flat belly” temperature curve, allowing the heat to travel to the core of the product without overcooking the surface.

Key Benefits of the OctoFrost™ IF Cooker
Processors can achieve the highest possible yield due to cooking in the 3 patented temperature zones. ‘Overcooking’ is avoided, enabling a high yield and perfect product quality (color, shape, texture, and bite). There is 100% food safety regarding homogeneous cooking. No ‘undercooked’ meat, no grey spots, not even with small-sized peeled shrimp (PUD). Full temperature control in each temperature zone due to the cross-flow water system. The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is designed for all types and sizes of shrimp (including PD, PUD, HOSO, HLSO and EZ Peel).

Additional Benefits:
• CIP system in place.
• Significantly faster heat transfer due to the impingement rain shower system.
• A high volume of recirculated water over the product.
• Energy efficient steam injection into the cooking water.
• Weighing belt for an even infeed into the IF cooker.
• Three infeed options that allow for great flexibility; bulk, belt, and tray infeed.


Read more about the technology and benefits of the OctoFrost™ IF Cooker here: http://bit.ly/OctoFrostIFCooker

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