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Why Fluidization Matters in IQF Freezing | A Brief Introduction to IQF


A Brief Introduction to IQF is a series of short, educational videos which aim to explain different scientific and technological concepts relating to the Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) method. The first episode explains the concept of "Fluidization" in an IQF freezer tunnel. What is IQF? IQF stands for "Individually Quickly Frozen" as each individual piece of food is frozen fast...

Why Processors Should Focus on IQF Strawberries


There is a misconception that freezing strawberries is only for excess and lesser quality produce; however, this is not the case. The sector for IQF frozen strawberries is well developed and lucrative for processors who are in the know. Supplying the market with strawberries during the offseason is an easy way to maximize revenue—especially when a first-class, premium IQF product...

IQF Avocado brings new business opportunities


The market for fresh avocado is currently facing a number of challenges. A limited supply unable to keep pace with the quickly growing demand, lack of convenience for the consumer with a highly-perishable product, significant food waste, and short shelf-life – are some of the main issues which hinder the development in this sector. With the continuously soaring prices of...

Why The OctoFrost IF Cooker Will Be The Success of Your Shrimp Business


The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is the latest technological innovation in the shrimp processing industry. It uses the OctoFrost™ patented 3-temperature zones which guarantees shrimp’s core temperature to reach the food safety temperature of 73°C while surface stays below 80°C. This means that overcooking is avoided and highest yield possible is achieved. Furthermore, the unique rain shower system guarantees the quickest...

The 3 Steps for Achieving Premium IQF Spinach


IQF Spinach is fast becoming one of the most in-demand products on the global frozen vegetable market. Spinach sales and volume has steadily been rising over the last few years. Moreover, organic spinach sales have risen by about 9% in each of the past two years ( Produce Market Guide ). The era of IQF spinach is just beginning and...

Why Producing IQF Artichokes is a Smart Business Strategy for Processors


Modern and efficient freezing technologies like the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) method has made the idea of frozen foods more appealing for today’s health-conscious consumers and IQF artichokes are no exception. Artichoke consumption and production are on the rise and it follows the growth of the global frozen vegetable market which was valued at over $25 million in 2016 and...