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Meet OctoFrost at Process Expo 2017 in Chicago


As OctoFrost Group has become the supplier of complete IQF processing lines we invite you to Process Expo 2017 in Chicago, to learn more about the innovative processing equipment we offer along with the benefits of having a single supplier responsible for your whole processing line. “We can now optimize the entire line for the best final result, highest yield,...

Best practices for freezing asparagus


Asparagus is a high value product on the market and in the case of IQF asparagus, food processors need to pay extra attention to pre-processing techniques and most importantly to the freezing technology used to freeze this product. Pre-cooling is not to be ignored For premium quality IQF asparagus, the first step is to start the cutting of fresh asparagus,...

Waste less food by using frozen produce


Consumers are willing more than ever to pay premium prices for organic, healthy food products without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and most of the time their eyes are turning towards fresh products for this choice. The consumers are getting more sophisticated and knowledgeable and they understand that frozen products are as good as fresh but still there is a long...

Pasta producers are slowly moving towards free-from pasta products


Consumers shopping habits are evolving more and more towards free-from and healthy food options, including ready meals with pasta as well as frozen pasta varieties. Because of this growing trend, pasta producers are coming up with new innovative products and strategies, designed to both diversify their portfolio and to expand in more geographical areas, thus attracting more consumers. World’s top...
OctoFrost Group is taking over Innotec Systems

OctoFrost Group has acquired Innotec Systems


The Swedish globally recognized manufacturer of individual quick freezing (IQF) freezer tunnels, OctoFrost Group, with installations in more than 50 countries, has taken over 100% of the shares of the Dutch Innotec Systems BV. Innotec Systems is a well-known manufacturer of customised industrial food processing machinery and industrial food processing lines with strong expertise in thermal processes like blanching, cooking...
meat and poultry market

So what’s new with the meat and poultry market in Europe?


Europe is home to some of the largest meat producers in the world. France is in top 3 largest meat producers in the region. For beef and veil production, France ranks as number one, while in poultry it is on second spot behind Poland. The poultry market is dominated by a few giants like LDC Group, Plukon Group, Group of...