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Innovation is an essential tool for stimulating IQF demand worldwide.


The global market of IQF fruits and vegetables will continue to grow with a double digit CAGR by 2027 due to increased demand from both foodservice and retail sectors, reports Frozen Food Europe. USA and Canada are expected to account for the biggest part of the IQF fruits and vegetables market. Asia Pacific market is expected to grow with a...

Installation of an IQF freezer


Iqf processors have a lot of things to consider when deciding to invest in an Iqf equipment, all from the cost of purchase, energy efficiency, operational costs, technical features, cleanability, quality of the IQF products, production hours and down time, and footprint. Sometimes iqf processors forget to think about the logistics and installation of the freezer. This is another important...

IQF rice – Challenges and opportunities


The consumption of IQF rice is strongly determined by the fast growing frozen ready meals market, which is expected to grow significantly during 2017 and 2022. The market is growing and there are big opportunities ahead of IQF rice processors, with specialty rice varieties such as wholegrain, wild rice and black rice that have become increasingly popular due to a...

Energy Efficiency in IQF freezers


Choosing in which type of IQF freezer to invest, for a production line, is a lot of the times a challenge for food processors, not just in terms of the quality of the end product but also in consideration to the total costs of running the equipment. The efficiency of the freezer is usually thought to be related to the...

Types of fans used in IQF equipment and technology


There are many different manufacturers of Iqf equipment on the market but very few that contributed with innovative thinking and solution to the industry. It is truly a science to set up and balance all the parts and elements of an Iqf freezer in order to achieve the best freezing result. The fans are an important part of the whole...

Investing in innovative freezing technologies will push your business forward on the market


Environmental issues are on everyone’s minds nowadays, and all the actors from both civic society and governances all over the world, are looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact man has on the environment. This impact is influencing and threatening our health, our development, our way of living and ultimately our lives. New food processing systems The way our...