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iqf fluidization

All you need to know about fluidization in IQF Freezing


If in general terms Fluidization is a process similar to liquefaction during which a granular material is converted from a static or solid state to a dynamic or fluid state, in IQF the fluidization term is referred to as the ability of the product to act as a liquid due to the influence of airstreams, continuously moving and advancing inside...

Overview of the global shrimp market


The importance of Asia’s contribution to the global shrimp production is indisputable. Back in 2013, the continent accounted for 85% of the total global shrimp aquaculture production and 74% of wild shrimp capture. Furthermore, Asia accounted for 62% of the global shrimp exports by volume. The latest data show that 67% of farmed shrimp is produced in Asia while around...

Overview of the world's fresh and frozen broccoli market


Today, the broccoli market is growing steady all over the globe since consumers find broccoli a highly valuable vegetable for the vitamins, minerals and general healthy content. Over the last 35 years, the consumption of fresh broccoli has increased so much that now, broccoli is the 11th most consumed fresh vegetable. The top 10 producing countries of fresh broccoli are...

The biggest challenges for IQF processors


The global frozen fruits market is expected to witness a significant growth until 2022 with the IQF segment anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.3%. Today's consumer is more demanding than ever with the highest expectations in terms of quality and taste which puts a lot of pressure on frozen fruits and vegetables processors who are trying to be...

Edamame – the rising star of the Asian Market


One of the “hottest hit” on the vegetable market right now, in particular in the frozen sector is edamame. Edamame (or soya beans) is the only vegetable which has almost all the nutritious qualities and health benefits you can get from eating meat, and right now it is seen as the new super-food on the food market. Soy bean is...

GBC part 4: Berries market - a market of change and dynamics


In this last part of our findings from the GBC 2017 we will speak about shifts and dynamics registered on the global berry market in terms of new supplying regions, trading shifts, new origins and new types of berries. THE BERRY MARKET IS INDISPUTABLY A HIGHLY DYNAMIC MARKET The global cumulated production of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries has increased...