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The biggest challenges for IQF processors


The global frozen fruits market is expected to witness a significant growth until 2022 with the IQF segment anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.3%. Today's consumer is more demanding than ever with the highest expectations in terms of quality and taste which puts a lot of pressure on frozen fruits and vegetables processors who are trying to be...

Edamame – the rising star of the Asian Market


One of the “hottest hit” on the vegetable market right now, in particular in the frozen sector is edamame. Edamame (or soya beans) is the only vegetable which has almost all the nutritious qualities and health benefits you can get from eating meat, and right now it is seen as the new super-food on the food market. Soy bean is...

GBC part 4: Berries market - a market of change and dynamics


In this last part of our findings from the GBC 2017 we will speak about shifts and dynamics registered on the global berry market in terms of new supplying regions, trading shifts, new origins and new types of berries. THE BERRY MARKET IS INDISPUTABLY A HIGHLY DYNAMIC MARKET The global cumulated production of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries has increased...

GBC Part 3: Blueberries - The performing star


As the President of the International Blueberry Organization, Peter McPherson, started his presentation: “Blueberry is the performing star”. This third “episode” with highlights from the Global Berry Congress 2017 will be dedicated to the blueberry market and all the opportunities it brings today. We had the chance to assist to 3 very informative presentations with statistics and market information showing...

GBC Part 2: New technologies and solutions to satisfy consumer demand


It’s been a week since the OctoFrost team left Rotterdam and the Global Berry Congress, but the interesting topics of discussion and the new findings in terms of market trends and consumer behavior keep inspiring us. It is clear to everyone that consumers are more demanding than ever, and satisfying all the desired expectations implies constant work and commitment from...
OctoFrost Team at Global Berry Congress 2017

GBC Part 1: Consumer Behaviour and Market Trends


“There will always be new consumers for us to convince” was the opening line at the Global Berry Congress which took place this week in Rotterdam. OctoFrost was there to meet, brainstorm and share the latest market trends with professionals from the berry industry. We will share with you our findings in a series of 4 articles, since there were...