Our company

Short history

The company was established in 1999, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden. In 2015 we have changed our company name from IQF Frost AB to OctoFrost AB and from IQF Frost Inc. to OctoFrost Inc. and our service company from ProFrost AB to OctoFrost Technology AB. All companies are part of the OctoFrost Group with existing owner structure, OctoFrost Group. Since the start we have delivered over 200 IQF freezers to customers all over the world.

Today OctoFrost Group is a leading company within individual quick freezing, IQF. With a range of innovative IQF freezers, we support the global food industry with cost-efficient and high quality solutions, for perfectly fresh-frozen products.

The OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer represents the most advanced IQF technology available on the market today. This embodies our vision of giving everybody, everywhere, access to superior fresh-frozen food.

management and Board of Directors


CEO, Rasmus Larsson           Vice President, Roger Dellberg          Ruben Larsson, Founder         Chairman, Jan Johansson                                  

At OctoFrost group, the management group consists of the CEO and his immediate staff. The management group makes decisions on changes within the business affecting, among other things, strategy, organizational issues, the market and information.

Our Founder, ruben Larsson 

”I am proud to present the OctoFrost™ iqf freezer designed by our customers's demands for production of premium iqf products to highest international standards on quality and food safety. The high yields and low costs of operation significantly increase our customers revenue.”


OctoFrost is a proud member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group because revolutionizing food safety in the industry of freezing equipment is one of the main goals of our team.