Innovative housing

For superior hygienic properties, the OctoFrostTM IQF freezer is designed in one hermetic unit. The mono-block design has rounded corners, sloping surfaces and a lateral wall that can be opened for easy access and cleaning.


OctoFrostTM has a small physical footprint, and only occupies half the floor area of a conventional IQF freezer. OctoFrostTM has a freestanding design allowing air to circulate under the freezer, and eliminating the need for heating the floor. It’s delivered in one piece, ready for plug and play. Normal installation time is 2-5 days compared to months for many competing solutions.

Easy operating panel

On the ergonomic and user-friendly touch screen the operator can choose and adjust application specific recipes. The operators panel is placed next to the inspection hatch for good process overview and direct flow control.

High performance fans

High performance fans control the airflow, independently in each freezing zone. The fans are adjustable at all times and facilitate higher heat transfer and freezing capacity. They are designed for optimal pressure and airflow in relation to energy efficiency, making OctoFrostTM a sustainable solution with low environmental impact.

Optimal aerodynamics

OctoFrostTM has a unique airflow, allowing perfect air configuration in each freezing zone. Optimal aerodynamics in every stage of the freezing process, controlling the product movements on the bedplates, means perfect separation and low dehydration.

Freezing zones

With up to 5 individual freezing zones, depending on freezer model, it’s easy to adjust the freezing process for different applications. Generally more air pressure is needed in the first zones, and as the products freeze they get more sensitive and air pressure is lowered. Zone 1 controls separation, zone 2 controls crust, zone 3-5 control deep freeze.

Removable bedplates

The bedplates are 100 % perforated for excellent fluidization, and is a part in the optimal aerodynamics of OctoFrostTM. Bedplates are also removable for cleaning and easy change of products. This minimize the risk for cross contamination between process batches with different products.

High capacity coil

A high capacity coil facilitates an efficient freezing process with long production between defrost. Coil fins are adjusted with depth and length of the freezer, and can also be customized in material. During production, high speed air knifes continuously remove snow from the front of the coil. This effective Snow Removal System (SRS) substantially extends the length of time between defrost, allowing uninterrupted production.

Clean In Place

After production, high pressure water jets clean the freezer. A foam generator distributes foam detergent into the air stream of the fans, spreading it to all parts of the freezer. Sloping surfaces allow good runoff to the bottom outlet.

Perfectly frozen products

The innovative design and technical properties of OctoFrostTM reduce dehydration and prevent lump formation. Frozen products keep their natural appearance and volume, contributing to maximizing your yield.

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