"The support team is responsive and interested in our needs."

E. Brian Foster, Sr. Vice President – Operations Inventure Foods, USA

Inventure Foods, USA

Since 2013, we’ve installed three OctoFrost™ freeze tunnels in our fruit processing plants. OctoFrost™ offers a number of advantages over their competition that made the decision to invest simpler. Notably, their agitation and zone controls allow us to handle fragile fruit and crust the fruit early to prevent damage. On our older tunnels, we utilize nitrogen to help with the crusting. This is unnecessary with the OctoFrost™. Additionally, the bedplate design allows us to run longer between defrosts and, once a defrost cycle is commenced; we can be back in operation much quicker than our other tunnels. We’ve been very pleased with the operation and reliability of the OctoFrost™ units above any other units we considered.

As a firm, we’ve found the OctoFrost™ team very responsive and interested in our needs. The OctoFrost™ team cares beyond the sale to make certain we are satisfied with the purchases. The training offered is very good and they follow-up after the sale to insure the units are performing as they should. The OctoFrost™ team makes the purchase decision an easy one to make. 

E. Brian Foster, Sr. Vice President – Operations 
Inventure Foods, USA