"The products look bright, fresh and free flowing."

Graham Reed, Managing Director Pinnacle Foods, United Kingdom

Pinnacle Foods, UK

Pinnacle foods purchased the OctoFrost™ 3/1 freezer in September 2010. 
It has lived up to all expectations.

In particular the production output achieved is 20% greater than what had been quoted, it must be said that of course that the refrigeration plant and product input temperatures play a great part in achieving this. Nevertheless the expertise of the IQF technical staff was paramount in designing the whole system to achieve this.

"Product appearance is exceptional, there are no signs of freezer burn quite the opposite. The products look bright, fresh and of course free flowing.

As all new projects one expects teething problems which we had, however these were all overcome very quickly during the commissioning stage of the project. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending IQF Frost AB as a company or the OctoFrost™ freezer to anyone (except my competitors of course)"

Graham Reed, Managing Director 
Pinnacle Foods, United Kingdom