"The freezer is easy to operate, even for unexperienced staff."

Jerome Fesselet, Production Manager Fruticola Olmue, Chile

Fruticola Olmue, Chile

"Our company Fruticola Olmue is located in Chillan in Chile. We produce frozen fruits and vegetables. 99 % of the production is for export to the US and Europe. Our main product is raspberries, very delicate to freeze. Blackberries is another important product for us, but we also freeze blanched products like peppers in strips and cubes, lima beans, and sticky products likes fresh cubed mushrooms. Since several years we have a traditional IQF belt freezer, so we know well the advantages and disadvantages of this type of freezer.

In order to increase our production we were in search for a new IQF freezer. We found the OctoFrost™ on Internet and as it looked interesting we visited Sweden to see the prototype of the OctoFrost™. Here we saw the advantages the OctoFrost™ could offer us, so we decided to take the risks and uncertainties involved to invest in a freezer, that at that time only existed as a prototype. So we bought and we received the first OctoFrost™ installed on the American continent.

The freezer was delivered ready assembled on one 40 feet platform so the freight cost was much less than for other freezers. There was no need for any separate foundation or construction, so we could install it directly on the factory floor. The freezer was installed in less than one week inclusive of refrigeration, electrical and pneumatic connections. 

We have had very good results producing raspberries and the washed and wet blackberries as well as the sticky mushrooms. IQF degree (no clumps) and appearance of the product is surprisingly good. We are also able to freeze raw material that we could not do in our old freezer.

The freezer is universal. Control of air speed and distribution is excellent. The freezer beds can be exchanged in some few minutes.

An intermediate defrost with hot gas is done in 45 minutes and complete wash down in less then 2 hours, which gives us a good flexibility in our planning of production.

The freezer is easy to operate. This is especially important for us as we have difficulties to find qualified personal. Each product is programmed in the PLC and it is very easy to change products. Another advantage is reduced amount of mechanical parts that can wear and cause problems.

IQF Frost has supported us well with their experience and also corrected faults on this first commercial unit "

Jerome Fesselet, Production Manager
Fruticola Olmue, Chile