"The bed plates represent an impressive technological progress."

Mr. Pedro Alvarez Farias, Production Manager Agro Superior S.A. de C.V., Mexico

Agro Superior S.A. de C.V., Mexico

"It is a pleasure to give my opinion on the OctoFrost™ 7/2

Considering my previous experience in freezing IQF products, I never thought there could be a freezing tunnel with the characteristics found in the OctoFrost™.

One of many excellent features, in my opinion, is that there are bed plates instead of mesh belts. From my point of view, this represents an impressive technological progress. In our previous mesh tunnels we got mesh marks on the products which were mistreated, leading to high losses. Now with the OctoFrost™, once the bedplates are frosted, it only takes 5 minutes to change them and be up and running.

Another feature is that in the OctoFrost™ 7/2 no product is lost during the process. Its product yield is 100 % compared to the mesh tunnels that had a yield of 95 %. Besides, the cleaning time is superfast.

I can highly recommend the OctoFrost™! It meets the safety features that we requested in HACCP and SQF certification 2 000. Furthermore, it does not require as much space as other freezing tunnels.

It is impressive to see the OctoFrost™ 7/2 freezing Broccoli for 18 hours and mango for 22 continuous production hours, without any problem."

Mr. Pedro Alvarez Farias, Production Manager 
Agro Superior S.A. de C.V., Mexico