Here's how the OctoFrost IQF technology works for all kinds of products. The individual quick freezing technology is designed to offer the optimal freezing results, fast, at a very effective power consumption.

OctoFrost Freezer: 

On the right column, you will find the video categories: fruits, berries, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry, cheese and soya, pasta and rice. By clicking on each of the links, you can find out what the OctoFrost IQF technology can do and how it can help processors obtain high-quality final products, with a natural appearance and a high food safety, which can be sold at a premium price.

The most important advantage of OctoFrost's Individual quick freezing technology is represented by the five freezing zones of the IQF tunnel freezer, which control the circulating, bubbling and fixed bed fluidization. This IQF technology translates into a quick freezing, with no lump formation, while the movement of the bedplates and the aerodynamics guarantee there will be no damage for fruits, even sticky ones such as mango or pineapple, and vegetables, even delicate ones such as broccoli or spinach, which require a gentle handling.

Moreover, the IQF technology is also suitable for seafood, as it maintains a perfect separation of the products, with no blocks or lumps. This is the case even for extremely sticky products, such as shrimp, which can be frozen both cooked, as well as raw.

Meat and poultry will also maintain its structure, taste, color and appearance thanks to the OctoFrost IQF technology, while cheese and soya will present no lumps, keeping their original aspect and nutritional qualities. Last but not least, the innovative OctoFrost equipment avoids dehydration and lump formation even for pasta and rice.