OctoFrost™ is an excellent IQF shrimp freezer that works for other seafood as well. This IQF freezing technology has proven its abilities to maintain separation without blocks or lumps of extremely sticky shrimps, cooked as well as raw. Due to the unique air control and aerodynamics, the IQF tunnel freezer doesn't damage the shrimp and other seafood.

1. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Raw Indian 300 counts - Zhoufu

2. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Raw Handpeeled 150 counts shrimp

3. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Raw Red Shrimps 40 60

4. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Raw Red Shrimps 600 counts

5. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Raw Headless Shrimp 50 60 counts

6. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Cooked Mussels

7. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Herring

8. OctoFrost™ Frozen - IQF Sprats