Fruits and Berries


One of the most challenging aspects when freezing fruits, especially tropical fruits like banana and mango, is the separation and keeping their taste, smell, and texture intact. Some products are extremely sticky due to their naturally high sugar content and they will easily stick together in lumps or blocks.

IQF fruit are one of the most healthy and delicious products, due to the fact that they preserve all their aesthetic and nutritional qualities. The benefits of OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer is that it is designed with up to five (5) freezing zones that controls the circulating, bubbling and fixed bed fluidisation. This enables quick freezing of the surface of the products to avoid dehydration and lump formation. The aerodynamics and movement of the bedplates ensure that there will be no belt marks on the product surface, nor damage on the product corners.

Depending on the ripeness of the product, the additional features of the pulsator, bed vibrator or the wave plate will separate the products. This is why IQF fruit preserve their delicate natural color and shape.


Delicate berries are sensitive to mechanical impact and must be handled with care, to avoid damage or marks. Some soft berries, like raspberries, are extremely sensitive in a frozen state, but OctoFrost™ shows very good results due to the adjustable freezing zones. The optimal aerodynamics in each zone, and gentle bedplate movements of our IQF freezing tunnel, separate the products with a minimum of crumbles and fines.

Low dehydration and no lump formation also adds to the natural appearance of the berries, preserving color, size, and shape. We are proud to say that even the most delicate berries leave the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer, as IQF berries with a natural appearance.


IQF raspberries

Raspberries are extremely brittle products. Rain during the harvesting season and machine picking, increases the challenge of freezing them. The individual quick freezer designed by OctoFrost™ has many successful installations proving itself as a very performant freezer for obtaining IQF raspberries. The more brittle and soft products, the higher yield difference compared to traditional belt freezers.


OctoFrost™ is an excellent strawberry freezer, no matter if they are whole, half or diced. Typical features of IQF fruit are better appearance and significantly lower drip loss, IQF strawberries being one of the most successful IQF products. Another advantage of IQF strawberries obtained with OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer is the high yield resulted due to low dehydration. Also, OctoFrost has created an IQF technology that avoids belt marks and freezer feet on the product. Even overripe strawberries, otherwise impossible to freeze in belt freezers due to heavy lump formation, become high-quality IQF strawberries when frozen with OctoFrost™ tunnel freezer.


The frozen products preserve its natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural Appearance.

Premium product appearance and low dehydration contribute to High Yield.

Hygienic mono-block design, removable bed plates and total easy access during cleaning put Food Safety in focus.

The unique aerodynamics and OctoFrost™ technology insures Energy Efficiency.


OctoFrost Frozen - IQF Diced Mango