Harmonized IQF line with only one responsible supplier

OctoFrost IQF Line


Octofrost IF Blancher

The OctoFrost™ IF Blancher achieves the quickest heat transfer by means of a rain shower system...


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Octofrost IF Cooker

The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is the latest technological innovation in the shrimp processing industry...


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Octofrost IF Chiller

After blanching or cooker, the product is immediately fed into the IF Chiller where ice-water gently falls...


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Octofrost IQF Freezer

There are four main categories of benefits which OctoFrost IQF technology is providing...



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OctoFrost™ IQF freezers are suitable for a wide range of applications

The innovative and flexible design of the individual quick freezer makes it easy to handle even the most difficult products, maintaining productivity and maximizing yield. The frozen products come out with a natural appearance and well preserved shape and color.

Fruits and Berries



Meat and Poultry


Pasta and Grain

OctoFrost Group

With decades of experience in IQF freezing, OctoFrost Group has grown with the vision of supplying the global food-processing market with the next generation of IQF freezers. We asked our customer which features were important to them and used that information to design and build the OctoFrost™.

Our customers immediately rewarded us and today we can count with IQF freezing installations on all five continents. A high percentage of our sales are repeat orders and we consider that a performance indicator. OctoFrost has local sales and service capabilities operating worldwide.

OctoFrost Brochure 

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The benefits of OctoFrost™

We can summarize our customers' demands to: “production of an attractive, easy to sell product processed in an IQF freezer with few moving parts and at an overall low cost.”

We consider that we have fulfilled these requirements and in addition the OctoFrost™, IQF freezing tunnel, has proven superior Food Safety standards compared to existing belt freezers on the market.

All this has been possible by mixing well-proven experience with latest knowledge in aerodynamics and utilizing modern drive system.

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