OctoFrost food processing equipment for demanding applications

The OctoFrost food processing equipment can process various types of products, ranging from fruits, berries, tropical fruits, and vegetables to seafood, meat & poultry, cheese, pasta & grain.

The OctoFrost IQF processing line consists of the following pieces of food processing equipment: IF Cooker, IF Blancher, IF Chiller, and IQF Tunnel Freezer.

1. The OctoFrost™ IF Cooker is the latest innovation in the frozen shrimp industry. Using the OctoFrost™ patented 3 temperature zones makes it possible to avoid the shrimp's overcooking, resulting in the highest possible yield. Moreover, the unique rain shower system guarantees the quickest heat transfer.

2. The OctoFrost™ IF Blancher is a food processing equipment similar to the IF Cooker, with the difference that, while the Cooker is used only for seafood, the IF Blancher is suitable for fruits, vegetables, and grains. With the OctoFrost™ impingement technology, blanching time is reduced to a minimum, which prevents over-blanching and reducing energy and time consumption.

3. The OctoFrost™ IF Chiller guarantees the quickest heat transfer through its rain shower system. The water is filtered, recirculated, and then chilled by the plate heat exchanger (PHE).

4. The OctoFrost™ IQF Tunnel Freezer is a piece of food processing equipment suitable for a wide range of applications. The innovative design and flexibility lets it handle even the most difficult products, like wet and sticky products, maintaining productivity and maximizing yield. The frozen products come out with preserved shape, color and size, with a natural appearance.

"Excels at difficult, wet and sticky products" >>

The OctoFrost™ IQF Tunnel Freezer is delivered with many factory-set recipes, tailored to meet the requirements from varying applications. This allows you to immediately start freezing your applications to the correct specifications, and also rapidly change to another application.


The frozen products has a natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural appearance.

Premium product appearance, and low operating costs, contribute to High yield.

Hygienic mono-block design and an effective Clean In Place system put Food safety in focus.





Meat & Poultry

Cheese & Grains

Pasta & Rice